Service Overview

Our Corporate Finance team provides a wide range of merger & acquisition, restructuring and due diligence services, focusing on the specific needs of the client. Whether you want to buy or sell a business, raise capital for expansion or restructure the asset base of underperforming assets we can provide the service you need.

Service detail

Our team identifies the key value drivers to deliver an integrated approach for our clients before, during and after the transaction to improve deal structures. We have an understanding of the complex nature of transaction management and we will help your organisation assess, plan and manage major inbound and outbound transactions.

We will provide deal planning and strategic advice on all aspects of disposals, acquisitions and private equity transactions including deal origination, deal execution, financial modelling projections, coordination with other deal advisors and exit strategy review. We can also advise on any restructuring that may be needed following the M&A.

Carrying out due diligence is a crucial aspect of any transaction and we will conduct this in the most stringent way possible to ensure you have complete confidence in the deal. We will provide early identification of issues from the target’s business history, its strategic and financial pulse, future projections and prospects that impact the value and purchase price. We will also oversee any sale or purchase agreement.

Our financial due diligence team also seek to identify any potential deal breakers, opportunities and potential upsides which may add value to the business by:

  • Conducting pre-deal evaluations
  • Evaluating cash flows
  • Assessing maintainable earnings
  • Identifying hidden costs, contingencies and commitments
  • Uncovering and quantifying industry and deal specific risks
  • Discovering tax exposures
  • Assisting in structuring purchase price mechanisms

Not only will we provide advice and guidance prior to the sale but we will alongside your other advisers to ensure that any deal is carried out in accordance with the required rules and regulations.

Why you need us

Carrying out a merger or acquisition can be a defining moment in the growth of your business and without the right level of support, businesses can find themselves making costly mistakes from which they might never recover.

With our skills and expertise, we can help you identify the right transaction routes to take and assist in ensuring the whole process goes as smoothly as possible. We will challenge assumptions about future performance to mitigate your risks and advise on any hidden value the transaction may offer.

The Zenith difference

  • We will leverage our strong advisory capabilities with respect to buying and selling businesses to provide assistance on transactions of all sizes.
  • We align ourselves with your specific needs – helping to drive your competitive advantage and increase shareholder returns.
  • We provide transaction-focused technical expertise and industry experience gained over the years, helping you to extract and deliver deal value.
  • Our extensive experience across a broad range of industries provides us with deep insight into the differing and stringent requirements of corporate and private equity buyers and their financiers.
  • We offer seller assistance for up to a year before a planned transaction to ensure a business is ready for disposal.
  • We have managed transactions for both corporate and private equity houses.