Service Overview

Our Internal Control review services will help put you back in control of your business’ destiny. By undertaking a top-to-bottom review, we will identify the risks to your business and help put in place recommendations that allow your business to grow.

Service detail

Through our years of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the demands and challenges posed by internal control regulations. Our specialist Internal Control Team will work alongside your business to identify the best way forward by offering professional opinions on how risks can be managed and opportunities seized.

Corporate Governance plays a key role in obtaining and maintaining your stock listing status and we will assist you in making sure you stay compliant with regards to the Listing Rules in Hong Kong and other stock exchanges.

Our team of Internal Control experts will establish the milestones your business will need to achieve in order for any of our recommendations to be successfully implemented within your organisation, providing you with a clear path to follow.

Once any recommendations have been implemented, we will provide guidance on how these new internal controls can be monitored moving forward, allowing you to stay in command of how your business operates.

In summary, our internal control review services include the following:

  • Resumption of trading
  • Initial Public Offering projects
  • Periodic review of listed companies
  • Special review as requested by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

Why you need us

By having effective controls in place, you can help reduce the risk of financial loss and ensure that all financial statements provide a true and accurate reflection of the business. Risk management is part of everyday business life and far from stifling innovation, it can set the framework which allows creative ideas to flow and your business to thrive.

Having internal controls will result in a reduction in errors which will ultimately lead to an improved customer experience for your clients.

The Zenith difference

  • We have access to a a knowledgeable and experienced team of internal control experts.
  • We possess specialist knowledge of the internal control regulations with regards to listing on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.
  • We will provide a thorough end-to-end review, implementation and ongoing monitoring report strategy.
  • We adopt a collaborative approach to working with each department and function of your business.
  • We provide innovative internal control solutions for businesses operating in a digital world.