Service Overview

Our aim is to assist you in maximising the returns from a successful listing on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK) or any other major stock exchange that you decide to list on. From conducting an initial suitability review to going live and then post-listing monitoring, our service will deliver a smooth transition from private ownership to public listing.

Service detail

We commit to raising the probability of success for the listing of your business by working with you long before the IPO activity starts. By building the foundations, we can ensure your business moves from private ownership to being a publicly listed organisation in the most efficient way possible.

We will deliver training on the relevant rules and code of conduct that have to be followed and we will oversee the cultural change that is required within the business in order for it to operate effectively post listing.

We can make recommendations and advise on the appointment of key individuals that will be required as part of the IPO process and we will provide assistance in liaising with the appropriate professional parties and regulatory authorities.

Our range of IPO services include:

  • Advising clients on the regulations and requirements of the SEHK.
  • Performing due diligence.
  • Preparing a draft of the IPO prospectus.
  • Advising clients on such matters as, their capital structure, invitation structure, marketing theme, the timing of the IPO and appropriate pricing levels.
  • Management of the IPO including coordination of other professionals involved in the IPO process.
  • Coordinating publicity activities in relation to the listing.
  • Advising on the listing of shares on other stock exchanges.

Why you need us

Listing your company publicly does not only require a substantial change in the regulatory and legal status of your business but a cultural change within it also needs to take place. This is often overlooked by businesses and if no shift takes place then it can provide a roadblock to future growth post listing.

We understand not only the processes that need to be gone through for a successful IPO listing but also the impact it has on your employees and the way business will need to be conducted going forward.

The Zenith difference

  • We are specialists in assisting clients with listing on the SEHK but we can also advise about listing on other stock exchanges.
  • We will embed a ‘change culture’ within your business to help with the transition from private ownership to a public listing.
  • We can advise on a range of IPO listing options and strategies.
  • We work alongside your other service providers and advisors to create an ‘IPO Team of Experts.’