“Zenith – the point at which something is at its most powerful.” OED Online

Our name was chosen because we want to help businesses become powerful and reach the highest heights that they can possibly achieve.

We are a young and vibrant company that prides itself on delivering innovative and creative solutions, and yet, we still hold true to the traditional values of honesty, integrity and transparency upon which our industry is founded.

Our business model allows us to supplement our extensive in-house knowledge and expertise with resources from our global network of partners, allowing us to offer flexibility and superior advice and guidance.

We have a strong belief in building long-term relationships with our clients and we maintain a high-level of personal contact with our clients, anticipating developments and responding rapidly to their changing needs.

Our highly trained, result-oriented professionals provide a wide range of audit and assurance, accounting, corporate finance, business development consultancy and risk management advisory services, particularly in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and pre-IPO consultancy.

Every member of our team is carefully selected and we place strict standards and high expectations on our professionals so that clients can be assured of a thorough process, efficiently delivered and within a reasonable cost. We have many years of combined experience within the auditing and accounting industry and we place an emphasis on providing a value-added service.

We see our purpose as helping our clients in any way possible which is why we offer them an agile and personal solution that is tailored to their exacting requirements. Thanks, in part, to the size of our business we are able to provide a fast response to many of our clients’ needs, helping them to respond to opportunities in the market quicker and more effectively.

The Zenith Group provides a full range or accounting and advisory business solutions, where your satisfaction is our priority.